The Next Evolution of Salem

The Town of Salem was in a conflict that lasted nearly a decade in which countless souls were lost. The innocents of the Town banded together and banished the Necronomicon. The power the book held over the minds of the townfolk was erased.

An era of uneasy peace began. But, the darkness could not be sealed forever. Once again, dark magic threatens to send Salem into chaos.


Traitors Everywhere

Use your wits and abilities to find the Traitors who are possessed. Or, become a Traitor and unleash your inner evil onto innocents.


Wide variety of roles for both Traitors and regular Town members.


Everything that you love about Town of Salem, but improved!

Roam the Town

With freedom of movement, explore Salem in a way you never have before.


Stay Tuned

Traitors In Salem is scheduled to begin alpha testing before the end of summer 2021!

Latest News

04/29/21 - Website released and Traitors of Salem announced!

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